SoftUpdater 1.20 is a program that offers the...

http://softupd. com/SoftUpdater is a program that offers the following features:Replication, updating of corporate software versions on client computers, Automatic, selective and total replication, Automatic software integrity support, Process monitoring,Group policies, andEasy distribution of new versions to company?

trade;s branch offices (subsidiaries). Many medium- to large-size companies use not only system-wide software (operating system, office package, etc.

), but also corporate software designed to meet the particular needs of the company. For example, a bank would use an automated banking system; the Postal Service employs its own system as well, etc.

Decisions in regards to corporate software, such as updates, are made by the corporate management, and with each update (new version) there arises a problem of replicating it on workstations throughout the company.

Whereas the server part of the software is updated centrally (by running specific scripts), there are often no convenient tools for updating the client programs (executable files, DLL).

Technical staff must visit each computer and manually start the update process (copying files, running VBS scripts, etc. ). When there are dozens of computers in numerous offices in the company, the update process can take anywhere from several hours to several days.

If the upgrade has to be performed simultaneously on all computers, the company-wide transition to the new version is usually planned for Monday, and the technical staff has to update all computers to the new software version during the preceding weekend.

The problem is complicated even further when the corporate system contains multiple projects (applications). System administrators have to monitor the relevance of each project in several groups of computers, and each group needs all of its several projects to function properly.

Corporate technical support departments also have to deal with failures caused by unintentional removal or corruption of essential files on client computers.

If a user accidentally deletes or corrupts files needed for the proper functioning of the software, their restoration also falls on the shoulders of the technical support staff.

With SoftUpdater, it is possible to perform the software replication (copy, update) on numerous client computers. SoftUpdater works with the entire line of Windows operating systems.

The server part, DBMS (Firebird), and the database itself may be installed either on a Windows, or a Unix/Linux, server. SoftUpdater allows managing, performing and monitoring the following processes: copying files to any specific folders, creating/editing/deleting registry keys, creating/editing/deleting INI file settings, registering OCX/DLL, and launching executable files before and after upgrade.

SoftUpdater can be used to monitor and ensure the software integrity: a verification process runs periodically on each computer, and if essential files or registry keys are missing or corrupted, they will be restored automatically, without any actions necessary by the user or system administrator.

Access to particular projects (applications) on each computer is controlled by the SoftUpdater group policies that allow managing interest groups.

Groups can be created, for example, by departments: Accounting, Operations, Warehouse, Management, etc. Each group has a number of computers registered to it; each group may need multiple projects to be updated regularly; each computer can be a part of several groups.

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